Malgrat de Mar - Maresme Film Commission

Malgrat de Mar is located in the north of the Maresme county, between Barcelona and Girona. It’s a towns surrounded by a unique natural environment, at the bottom of the Montnegre and watered by the Delta of "La Tordera" river. Historically, it was a fishing, mining and a farmers village.

Malgrat de Mar is a peaceful town, with traditions and a rich cultural life, with plenty of green spaces and 4,5 kilometers of beach, with a width up to 120 meters. Nowadays, the local economy is based on agriculture, with a protected agricultural zone of about 400 Ha., the Pla de Grau, where all kind of vegetables are cultivated; on industry with an important activity in the industrial sector of Can Patalina; and on tourism as a mature sun destination with a good deal for families and for seniors.

So, we have plenty of places that represent these sectors; as well as a Mediterranean coast with beaches of different types: from an isolated beach with native vegetation, to a beach with all the possible tourist services. You can also find coastal mountain spaces where you will find the old abandoned iron mines. 

Filming request contact

Albert Roca / Txell Noè

Maresme Film Commission

+34 620 74 34 12 / +34 657 08 39 50



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