Gianni Quarta

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670 353 520
+ 44 740 179 39 20

London and Barcelona based multi skilled sound operator that has worked all around Europe in more than 50 projects such as feature films, short films, TV shows, commercials and documentaries covering from sound pre production to final mix.

Experienced in location sound for films and commercials as well as TV live sound mixing and engineering; Experienced in sound design, foley, dialogue edit, stereo and 5.1 mix; Deep knowledge of analogue and digital signal flow; Advanced in Pro Tools as well as Avid Digidesign Control 24 desk; Solid understanding of production and post production workflow; Passionate team player also able to supervising a crew. Excellent hearing skills; More than 10 years in sound industry, from waves physic to mastering. High professionalism, initiative, responsibility, common sense, dynamism, order, punctuality and honesty.

Degree in sound production and post production for film and TV.
Bande a Part Film School
Audio engineering diploma. SAE Institute
Others non certified courses in sound design, synths, DAWs and

ADDITIONAL SKILLS: Edit in Premiere; Experienced in camera, lenses and lights; Screenwriting and directing; Photoshop.

LANGUAGES: English; Spanish; Italian; Catalán.

Anyordenació descendent Gènere Canal d'emissió Categoria
2013 In the Box Llargmetratge Ficció So directe, Editor de so
2014 Entre dios y el hombre Llargmetratge Ficció So directe, Editor de so
2015 Miss Mondo Official Selection Italia TV programes So directe, Editor de so
2016 Miss World TV programes RAI Italia So directe
2016 Islam Channel TV programes SKY So directe
2017 Let's Go TV programes Grupo Mediaset So directe