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Third season of 'Com si fos ahir'


The TV3 series for the midday

The afternoon TV3 series has started its third season this year. Com si fos ahir tells the story of a group of friends who are reunited 25 years later because of the death of one of them. The series takes place in Barcelona and therefore has shot again in our city.

In this new season, the actors who will be the face of the new characters are Anna Ycobalzeta (Romina Tantull, an advertising account executive), Joan Carreras (Eudald Miralvet, son of a friend of Vicenç), Anna Gracia (Irene Fontrodona, a retired history teacher), Nuria Gago (Xesca Peris, a commercial), Rita El Jebari (Mandar Maalouf, Joana's grandsons review teacher), Martina Roura (Blanca Soto, Law student), Artur Busquets (Edu Vàzquez , a 22-year-old computer student and "gamer"), Mima Riera (Lola Carreras, Eva's roommate), Marta Millà (Elisabet Carrión, businesswoman) and Javier Beltrán (Bruno Sastre, worker and trade unionist at Elisabet’s company) . You can see it from Monday to Friday on TV3.

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