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Shot in Barcelona 'Chu Xian Le, Chu Lian'


A Chinese TV series

The title could be translated as Success, first love and is directed by Shen Whenshui. This Chinese television series explains the story of a Chinese boy who was part of the Masia of FCB. After suffering a serious injury that does not finish healing well, he has to return to China. Thanks to him, his football team will be able to come to Barcelona to make a stage and a series of training sessions with Barça. In this Chinese team also plays a boy who, in reality, was the one who had to come to Barcelona as a child. The father of the other boy manipulated so that his son was chosen. On this trip to Barcelona comes also a girl, both boys are in love with. The player who returns to the city is reunited with his former coach, the doctor who operated him (who convinces him to operate again), and with the best Barça player with whom he will have his problems.

Chu Xian Le, Chu Lian has been shot in different locations in the city of Barcelona, ​​as well as in FC Barcelona facilities such as the Camp Nou, soccer fields of the Barça School and the Joan Gamper Sports City of San Joan Despí. It is a Hunan Mango, Ltd production in China and Nextel Travel in Barcelona.

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