The shooting of 'Te quiero, imbécil' begins


Directed by Laura Mañá

Marc has been dumped by his girlfriend, he is fired from work and he has to go live again with his parents. However, on the internet, which fixes everything, it finds the solution: to become a man of the 21st century. To achieve this, and in record time, Marc will have to forget his ex, find a new work and meet the woman of his dreams. And, most important of all: become a different man. Quite a challenge, but nothing is impossible.

Te quiero, imbécil is a romantic comedy and will be shot between Barcelona and Pamplona and will be released in 2019. Directed by Laura Mañá with Quim Gutiérrez and Natalia Tena, who is also accompanied by Alfonso Bassave, Alba Ribas and Patricia Vico , with the special collaboration of Ernesto Alterio. It is a production of Lastor Media, Brutal Media and Minoria Absoluta, with the participation of TV3.

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