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Recording of the Marató 2019 spot


With a large piña castellera with thousands of people

This year's the Marató of TV3 and Catalunya Ràdio will be dedicated to minority diseases. The promotional spot was recorded on María Cristina Avenue in Barcelona last Sunday, October 27th. A spot where 5,600 people have participated.

It has become the largest piña castellera ever seen and the participants had registered through the TV3 page or several colles. Many of these people have some of the minor diseases to which the 2019 Marathon is dedicated. The colles are the ones that have guided the construction of the pineapple.


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Adriana Pérez and Marta de Muga: "We always defend the idea that the films that we choose for the official selection are worthwhile. And if it wasn’t for Inclús, no one would see them."

This month we interview Adriana Pérez and Marta de Muga, directors of Inclús, Barcelona International Disability Film Festival. The Festival will be held from 26 November to 1 December at Caixaforum in Barcelona and is finalizing the details of this year’s festival. We talked to them about the festival and about disability in the audiovisual world.