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Neus Ballús begins the filming of ‘Seis días corrientes’


A comedy with non-professional actors

First comedy by director Neus Ballús, after La plaga and Staff Only. The director herself writes the script with Margarita Melgar (pseudonym of the scriptwriters Montse Ganges and Ana Sanz-Magallón).

Produced by Miriam Porté for Distinto Films and El Kinògraf, Seis días corrientes combines fiction with documentary. The film wants to explore prejudices in human relationships, so Ballús will explain a week in the life of Valero, Moha and Pep, workers of a small plumbing and electricity company outside of Barcelona. And she will do it with a sense of humour. The film will have 6 chapters, each one for each day of their work week. And it will deal with the relationship between the protagonists and their clients.

As they are non-professional actors, they should combine filming with their regular work, the project will be shot in six alternate weeks in Barcelona and its surroundings and will end on July 31th.




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