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'MERLÍ: SAPERE AUDE' shoots in Barcelona


The succesful serie returns

The filming of the highly anticipated Merlí spin-off begins in Barcelona. The new series is entitled Merlí: Sapere Aude. Pol Rubio (Carlos Cuevas), the favorite student of the legendary teacher, is the protagonist. Héctor Lozano, creator of the original series, will continue to lead the project, as well as the creative and technical team of the previous seasons.

Pol returns to the classrooms and begins his studies at the Faculty of Philosophy, months after the death of Merlí, which ended the original series. The shoot will last about 10 weeks and will feature different scenarios such as the University of Barcelona, the Gothic Quarter, the Raval and the beach of Barcelona.

Merlí: Sapere Aude is the first original Movistar + production shot in Catalan. It will be released exclusively on Movistar + complete and on demand at the end of 2019. TV3 will offer it a year later.

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