'Los europeos' shoots in the city


Adaptation of a novel by Rafael Azkona

In the Spain of the late 50's, two friends embark on a trip to Ibiza attracted by the European sexual myth and the illusion of freedom. There they will find a community of eccentric beings, stranded, tragi-comic, shipwrecked in many ways: of themselves and of History.

Miguel and Antonio have become two more of this "shipwrecked" of the island. In a darker reverse of dandyism, the protagonists will accumulate delirious drunkenness, crazy friends and more and less grotesque love episodes ... Until one of them, Miguel, falls in love. Everything will be ruined then.

Directed by Víctor García León and starring Raúl Arévalo and Juan Diego Botto, Los Europeos is based on the novel by Rafael Azcona. It is a production of Enrique Lopez Lavigne (Apache Films), Jaime Gona (Gonita Films) and Xavier Granada (Granada Films).