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'Los espabilados' shot in Barcelona


New original Movistar + series

Our city hosts the filming of this new Movistar + series created and written by Albert Espinosa, creator of the international hit series Polseres Vermelles. Los Espabilados directed by Roger Gual, it’s inspired by Espinosa's novel translated into 20 languages: What I will tell you when I see you again.

The series will consist of 7 episodes. Los espabilados tells the story of the adventure of a group of young people who embark on a journey that will change their lives. Mickey L'Angelo, Guada, Yeray, Lucas and Samuel are a group of extraordinary young people who escape from a psychiatric center in search of their place in the world. They embark on a journey through Europe in search of the brother of one of them. Despite their clinical diagnoses, they face life with humor and courage, because inside they are clear that it is society that is sick, not them.

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