Filming of 'Francesca i l'Amor' in Barcelona


New documentary by Alba Sotorra

The director of Reus directs a new documentary, after releasing this year Commander Arian, a story about emancipation and freedom in full front of the war in Syria. In the film, commander Arian, 30 years old, leads a battalion of women to Kobane with the mission of freeing the population that lives under the yoke of Daesh (ISIS).

In our cycle Pantalla Barcelona we have enjoyed of one of his documentaries, Game Over. Now Sotorra tells us the story of Francesca, an artist from Barcelona who lives a colorful and free life. However, now that she has just turned 60 and her daughter has left home to go abroad to study, she finds herself in a moment of inflection. Facing his loneliness, he will embark on an unpredictable and carefree journey in internet dating applications to find love again.



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