'El año de la plaga', shot in Barcelona


The film is directed by Carlos Martín Ferrera and starring Iván Massagué, Ana Serradilla, Miriam Giovanelli, Silvia Abril and Fermí Reixach.

The film tells the story of Victor, who has just break up with Irene. However his friends and colleagues insist on finding him a new girlfriend. But he does not want to forget her, even when Lola appears in his life. One day Irene telephones Victor unexpectedly. She is nervous and asks for help because the people around ther are behaving in a strange way, as if they had lost their memories and emotions. 

Influenced by thrillers, films and science fiction series that have marked his life, Victor believes almost everything that Irene says, but he is unable to provide a rational explanation of what is happening. However, he decided to gather all his strength to rescue her and becoming the hero he never was for her... but the help of his friends end up spoiling things.

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