'Belok Kanan: Barcelona!' shot


A new Indonesian film shot in the city

Belok Kanan: Barcelona! tells the story of Francis, Retno, Farah and Ucup, four high school friends. Without realizing it, the relationship between them becomes little by little a complex love relationship where the feelings are not necessarily mutual. After the graduation, the four separate, each following his own path through different countries. The suppressed feelings revive when Francis sends a wedding invitation to his three best friends announcing his marriage to a Spanish girl in Barcelona. From different parts of the world, the three go to Barcelona. Each one has an objective in mind: to seek answers to their strong feelings that still persist from the institute. Are they going to find true love in Barcelona?

This Indonesian co-production is directed by Guntur Suharyanto and starring Morgan Oye, Maudy Mikha Maria Tambayong, Deva Mahenra and Anggika Bolsterli. The story was shot in six emblematic cities of six different countries: Barcelona, ​​Paris, Budapest, Copenhagen, Er-Rachidia and Jakarta showing the most beautiful and representative places of each of them. The creative and production team is formed by Starvision from Jakarta and Minded Factory from Barcelona. During the shooting days shots were taken with Dolly, steadycam and camera-car in important locations such as Camp Nou, Plaza Reial, Plaza Catalunya, La Rambla, La Barceloneta and Port Vell.


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