Medi Terraza Castells

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Medi Terraza is a freelance director and producer from Barcelona. Trained in the world of design and photography, and afterspending several years working in design studios and advertising agencies, began studying film directing. Interspersing these studies with work in the production of commercials for some production companies like: RCR, Zindara,Dream Team, Albiñana Films, ViVi films, Movie Magic, Miss Wasabi Lab (IsabelCoixet), Rosebad, Piramide, Bus and Ovideo. Shortly later would beresponsible for the direction of production of several films for various film companies as; Balneari Produccións, La Republica Films, Fermi Marimon PC, Valenti Films. Sandwiched this work with management, direction and editing social andcultural documentaries, music videos, commercials and video art. Somerepresentative works of his work, are documentaries like, Pla i Dalí. Els fillsthe Tramuntana and NUNES, visual Anarchy. , Liquid State, Naked in Babylon and animations as Enmunx, and La Dona Extranya. Medi Terraza, is a member of “Acadèmia del Cinema Català”, and “Col·legi de Directors de Cinema de Catalunya.”

Anysort descending Gènere Canal d'emissió Categoria
2004 Gabies d'Or Fiction film TV3 Production manager
2007 Pactar con el gato Fiction film TV3 Production manager
2008 Azaña Fiction film TV2 Production manager
2010 NUNES, Anarquia visual TV documentary / write-up TV3 Documentary film Director
2011 Proceso de vinificación Corporate Video Documentary film Director
2017 Pla i Dalí. Els fills de la Tramuntana TV documentary / write-up Documentary film Director
2019 YR Fashion design Advertising TV Sports Director
2019 I-TRON motos eléctricas Advertising TV Sports Director
2019 Silla Jorge P. Design Studio: Advertising Publicitat TV Sports Director