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Barcelona Bus Turístic, Telefèric de Montjuïc, Tramvia Blau

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Updated: 02/10/2017

Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona
08001 Barcelona



Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona
Transports d'Oci
(+34) 93 328 92 55

If you want to shoot a film, documentary or advertisement, remember that the Barcelona transport network has endless possibilities as the setting for filming. A metro station, with its lobbies, platforms, passages, escalators and singular spaces; on board a bus travelling through the city, with the urban landscape in the background; the disturbing atmosphere of the bus depot, with hundreds of parked vehicles; double-decker Barcelona Bus Turístic sightseeing buses; the Montjuïc cable cars, with the best views of Barcelona; the historic Tramvia Blau or any of the areas managed by TMB could be the ideal setting for your story.