Llar Casa Bloc

Updated: 04/03/2018

C/ Residència, 10-12. Baixos
08030 Barcelona



Mr. Rai Barba
(+34) 636 938 527

The origins of Casa Bloc: The buildings that form the ensemble called CASA BLOC were created during the Second Republic time (1931-1936) and were intended as social housing for working classes. The architects were Sert, Torres Clavé and Subirana, all of them belonging to the prestigious group GATCPAC. In 1992, the architectural ensemble was declared BCIN (cultural property of national interest).

The architectural structure has an “S” shape, composed of 5 buildings. One of these buildings was allocated, just after the Civil War, as a residence to be used by widows and orphans of soldiers. Important adaptation works were done at that time to make it work as a residence. The building we are speaking of remained working as a residence until 2015.
At present, the owner of the building is the Incasol (Catalan Institute of the Soil – Generalitat de Catalunya) and, up to the present time, the management was in the hands of the Catalan Housing Agency (Generalitat de Catalunya). In 2016, the management was handled to the Fundació Hàbitat 3 for this one to create a social housing project for vulnerable groups.


- Ground Floor - Kitchen and dining room + laundry: surface of 309 m2. Direct access from the street. It is composed of a dining room, an industrial kitchen (with a storage room, a walk-in freezer and all the necessary equipment) and an industrial laundry.

- First Floor - rooms and services: surface of 500 m2, composed of 8 bedrooms, different living rooms, medical cabinet, toilets, showers, offices and other complementary service rooms.

- Second Floor - rooms and services: surface of 507 m2, composed of 31 bedrooms, common toilets and showers and other service rooms.

The Fundació Hàbitat3: its main objective is to look for and obtain rental apartments at very low rental prices in order to offer them to individuals or families in need and with severe problems of access to housing or directly in a situation of social exclusion. Furthermore, the foundation also works to facilitate the access to housing to the organizations belonging to the Taula del Tercer Sector (non-profit Catalan umbrella organization) in their housing projects for vulnerable groups.